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While it may be 50 degrees on this beautiful November morning in Southeastern Wisconsin, we can all be sure this won't last! Sometime between now and the first snowfall of winter, there are a number of things that you can do to winterize your roof and prepare it for the cold weather ahead.


Clean the Gutters!Snowy Roof in Winter
As the trees lose their leaves in fall, much of that debris can collect in your gutter and clog your downspouts. During a rain storm the wet leaves and water create additional weight that can cause gutters to pull loose from the anchor point. So once the trees surrounding your house have lost their leaves, make sure you clean out your gutters or contact someone who can! If you do not have a gutter screen or guard installed, it might be something to look into for next fall.


Clear the Debris!
The gutters aren't the only thing that should be debris-free. To prepare your roof for the winter, it’s important to clear off leaves, pine needles, pine cones, and other debris from the roof itself. You would be surprised by how much moisture a little debris can hold. This can turn to rot, and can break down your roofing material over time. If you have experience and are comfortable walking on your roof, sweep or blow off the debris that has collected on your roof. Pay a little extra attention to the valleys too - these areas are the most susceptible to water damage. 


Check for Damage!
Now that your roof is clean, you'll be able to spot any external damage that has appeared since your last inspection. If you see any cause for alarm or just would like a bit of piece of mind, contact us! We will stop by for a free roofing inspection to make sure your home is safe and your roof is secure for this winter. 


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