Time for Spring Cleaning: Roofing Edition

Icicles, Ice Roof Damage

With spring just around the corner, now is the time that many businesses and homeowners think about cleaning their roofs. After our long Wisconsin winters, our roofs have been exposed to snow, sleet, ice, and cold temperatures. Because of this, it is never a bad idea to inspect and clean your roof. The longer the damage is allowed to persist, the more expensive it becomes to fix. Here are some spring cleaning ideas that can help you avoid long-term roof problems:



Firstly, you should inspect your roof and see if any new problems catch your eye. Examples of winter damage could include structural damage, tearing of shingles, and water damage from ice dams. If you find any problems that may be harmful, call us and we’ll come and do a free roofing inspection for you.

Spring Roofing, Wisconsin
Secondly, it is important to remove any debris that has accumulated onto your roof. This includes tree branches, trash, leaves, pine-cones, anything that could have blown in with the winter wind. Debris left on the roof and in gutters can build up and clog water flow, resulting in water damage and longer-term problems.


Thirdly, after your roof is inspected and debris-free, you can go ahead and clean your roof (or call a professional to do it!). It will not only keep your roof looking good, but also may save you a bit on your energy bill! Regularly cleaned and maintained roofs help your house perform more efficiently.