Full Roof Replacement? Or Just a Repair?

WiRoof Repair and Replacement - Waukeshath Waukesha and Milwaukee counties receiving a bombardment of storms recently, we've been noticing a common question. "Do I need a full roof replacement, or just a repair?"  Choosing one of these options is rarely cut and dry, and it usually depends on the amount, variety, and severity of roof damage. This is why we offer provide you with free roofing inspection services. The ambiguity of roof damage and cost assessments can be hard to determine, so it is important to bring in a professional contractor early and often, just to make sure your home is in a solid, safe condition.

With the amount of wind and rain these last couple months, it is important to regularly check your roof and its condition. Just a simple look around will allow you to identify issues sooner rather than later, which will save you money in the long run. Regular inspection and maintenance also helps you identify smaller issues that often go unnoticed (at least until until they develop into a bigger, noticeable problem). If we at American Roofing can identify a minor issue before it becomes a major issue, we can choose to repair at a much less expensive rate for you.

All in all, the question of Repair versus Replace is not an easy one to answer in a vacuum. There are too many variables at play that can affect the condition of your roof. However, if you remain diligent with your roofing maintenance and inspections, you'll often have the option to opt for more affordable repairs rather than full roof replacements. While replacements are always the best option in terms of roof condition and quality, repairs can often resolve minor issues before they become major problems. 

To set up your free roof inspection, call your reliable Wisconsin roofing contractors at (262) 662-5311 or message us via our online form.