More Spring Cleaning! – Roofing Edition

Springtime Roof Maintenance Tips

Spring is (hopefully!) just around the corner. What that means for a lot of us is spring cleaning, including your roof! Once the winter season is over, giving your roof and gutters a good clean is very important. This helps prevent damage to your roof or gutters and can help to make your roof last just a bit longer. As always, going up on a ladder or your roof is risky business, and it’s a long way down to the ground. Safety is important! Please always use a ladder in good working condition and rest it on level ground. Have someone to help keep the ladder steady and wear a good pair of shoes with traction. Only go up on your roof when it is dry and only go up if you feel confident about the work you are doing. If you feel up for the task, here are just a few key things to accomplish while checking out your roof on the next warm spring day...


- Clear off debris including sticks, leaves, nuts, and pine needles. All of these things can get stuck on your roof and in your gutters and are a good way for moisture to get trapped. Moisture can lead to larger issues, like, mildew or mold. This debris also puts stress on your gutters and rooftop and can cause gutters to detach or shingles to become damaged.

- It’s important that nothing is rubbing against your roof, like large tree limbs or branches. Cut back tree limbs that are either touching are close to touching your roof to prevent any issues.

- After a harsh winter, there is always the possibility of your gutters taking a toll from the conditions. Snow, ice, and/or leaves from the previous season can cause blockages. The excess weight within your gutters may cause your gutters to detach from the roof line. Reattach loose gutters to ensure the April showers have have a direct flow from your roof to your gutters. If any gutters have been damaged, these should be replaced.

- Moss and mold can be prevented by removing debris and cutting back those tree limbs that are touching your roof. There are many solutions to get rid of moss and mold on your roof. If you believe you are experiencing issues with moss or mold, we would be more than happy to help you figure out the best solution for your situation. If you discover damaged or missing shingles, loose or exposed nails, missing caulk, rusty or damaged flashing, sagging areas, excessive shingle granule loss, cracks, or moss/mold, we can perform a free roofing inspection and estimate for you. These are all issues that should be taken care of right away. Give us a call at (262) 662-5311.


Spring cleaning of your roof helps keep it in good shape. Taking the time to care for your roof can increase its life and decrease the chance of any complications throughout the rainy springtime months.