Say Goodbye to Cleaning the Gutters!

Avoid Cleaning and Protect Those Gutters!

Adding a gutter guard system to your home is not only great for your roof but it’s great for you too! By adding a gutter guard system, the painful, tedious, and dangerous work of cleaning your gutters can be eliminated. Climbing up and down ladders to clean out leaves, nuts, and debris can be a thing of the past with the installation of a gutter guard system by American Roofing. We choose to use Raindrop Gutter Guard, which allows for an advanced and affordable “maintenance-free” self-cleaning system. The cleaner your gutters are, the less likely you are to experience damage to your gutters and injury to yourself while attempting to clean out your gutters.

Why Raindrop Gutter Guards?

We prefer to use Raindrop Gutter Guards because the are made from a special polypropylene blend with UV stabilizers. The UV stabilizers are added to help protect from extreme heat and long periods of sun. The polypropylene blend can afford to experience severe conditions including high heat, extreme sun, heavy rain, and the guards are unlikely to shatter due to damage because it is resistant to oils and solvents and does not absorb water. Another great aspect of the Raindrop Gutter Guards is that they can help melt snow and ice to allow your gutter system to properly function even when you have a snow-covered roof! This is due to their black color that absorbs heat from the sun. Although the guards are black in color, they are invisible from the ground!

The Goal of a Gutter Guard

Raindrop Gutter Guards work to prevent things that will clog your gutters from getting in, while letting small micro debris pass through. This is different than other guard systems that focus on keeping EVERYTHING out of the gutters. While it may sound like a good idea to keep everything out of your gutters, it’s also preventing water during heavy rainfall from properly entering the gutters; this results in water running over your gutters and not down through the gutter system. Non-clogging debris like roof grit and granules do not clog gutters, so Raindrop lets these materials pass through allowing for more water to enter your gutter system!

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Like the rest of your roof, in order for everything to work properly and to prevent any serious injuries during installation, our Wisconsin-based team has the training and experience needed to seamlessly integrate the Raindrop Gutter Guard into your existing gutter system. Give us a call at (262) 662-5311 to set up a free inspection and estimate on a Raindrop Gutter Guard system on your home! We proudly serve the areas of Southeastern Wisconsin,