How to Prepare for Heavy Rain and Gutter Back-Ups

Prepare Your Roof for Heavy Rain

With heavy rain this spring, it’s important to check that your gutters are in good working condition. This includes ensuring that the gutters are attached to the fascia, downspouts are secured and in place, and that all gutters and downspouts are free of debris. 

When gutters are backed up, heavy rains are going to bypass your gutters and pour right over the sides of the gutter. But let’s say that you have checked all of your gutters and downspouts and they seem to be clean and ready to take on any amount of rain, but the water is still overflowing. Here are a few thoughts to consider when trouble-shooting overflowing gutters:


Check the size of you gutters. The smaller the gutter, the less water that can flow to your downspouts.

Check into extra downspouts. Your gutters may be a perfectly fine size, but if you have insufficient downspouts on your house, the water isn’t going to leave the gutter fast enough to handle the rainfall.

Ensure that your gutters are properly attached to the fascia board. If water is dripping down during a rainfall, make sure that it’s not coming from behind your gutter and down the fascia board, as this can cause serious issues with rotting wood or leaking water into your home.

Check into your gutter guards. Gutter guards can potentially decrease the amount of water that is let through because they virtually eliminate any and all debris from entering your gutter. We prefer Raindrop Gutter Guards because they allow non-clogging debris such as roof grit and granules through, allowing more water to flow into your gutter during heavy rain.

Inspect the slope of your gutters. The gutter should be sloping towards the downspout to ensure proper and efficient drainage.


Some rainfalls are just going to be too heavy for any gutter to completely handle. This is especially true if you have a high pitch to your roof. If you are experiencing rainfall running over the sides of you gutters and would like a professional to come out to take a look, please give us a call to do a free roof inspection! Whether it’s an easy DIY fix, or a gutter replacement or repair needs to be made, we will be happy to help! To set up your free roof inspection, call your reliable Wisconsin roofing contractors at (262) 662-5311 or message us via our online form.