Wisconsin Summertime Roof Check-Up

We are in the prime of summer and the Summer Roof Wisconsinweather couldn’t be more perfect in Southeastern Wisconsin! With the sun shining and the summer breeze cooling our homes, now is the perfect time to get outside and do a quick check of our roofs! Summer is the easiest time to inspect your roof; no fallen leaves, no snow, no spring showers! We wanted to give you a few pointers this summer on steps that you can take to ensure your roof is in great condition and to ensure it will continue to protect you through the harsher months that we experience in Wisconsin.

Observe any changes – Take the time during the warmer months to check out your roof to find any cracked, damaged, or dry spots. In the cold, snowy, and rainy seasons, this can be tough to do, making summer the perfect time to get outside and take a good look at your roof. Ensure to check gutters and areas around chimneys, vents, and skylights. Check for growth on your roof and in your gutters, such as moss or tree seedlings. This should all be removed using proper techniques. Remember that inspecting your roof can be dangerous if your two feet aren’t on the ground. If you are getting up on a ladder and walking around your roof, always have someone assisting you and wear proper shoes to grip your roof. Never extend your reach, always move your ladder and adjust your position. Always know where you are taking your next step while on your roof and use proper equipment to prevent a fall from occurring.

Tend to damages (if found) – After inspecting your roof, be sure to tend to any potential issues found and fix any damage. Damage can occur from wind, rain, tree debris on your roof and/or gutters, and more. The granules on your shingles are an important part to protecting your roof from wear and aging so be sure that these are present on your shingles. Another important area to check is the area where your gutters and roof meet. Be sure that your gutters are tightly secured to your roof to prevent water damage to the inside of your home.

Consider waterproofing – a waterproofing layer can help protect from the moisture that can build up from our hot and humid summer days. Summer is the best time to apply coatings and sealant patching materials because of the warmer temperatures and dryer days that we experience.

Schedule a professional roofing inspection – professionally done roof inspections done annually can help ensure that your roof is in top condition. Again, inspecting your roof is our first suggestion, but having a professional out to assess the condition of your roof is the best way to know what exact steps you should take this summer to help ensure your roof is keeping the rest of your home safe and protected. Not knowing what to look for and where to step while inspecting your own roof can lead to a serious accident. Contact American Roofing for your free roof inspection today!


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  1. Maureen

    Very good guidelines for checking our house roof. Waterproofing is the best idea. And I agree that regular check up is necessary to prevent further damage.

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