Insider Tips on Replacing Missing Shingles

Inside Tips on Replacing Shingles -

If you clicked to read this post, we are sorry! It is not fun to contemplate the work, cost, time, and effort associated with replacing shingles on your roof. Even though this post isn’t all that entertaining, you came to the right place! Below we will go through some insider tips on how to approach missing shingles.

Do Not Wait to Address the Problem!

As roofing contractors, we cannot stress enough how important it is to take care of missing shingles sooner rather than later. Your roof keeps your home (and thus your family and financial investment) protected. Missing shingles leave your home exposed to greater damage. So while it may seem like a problem that can be swept under the rug for a while, it may be a sign of a larger, more expensive problem brewing. So do not neglect! Missing shingles can often be warning signs of…

• Water sneaking through the roof. Seepage can lead to significantly worse problems such as a weakened structure, soaked foundation, and soggy insulation – none of which you want

• More expensive problems to come. Even a few missing shingles can leave the rest of the roof exposed to water damage as rain seeps into open area and builds up under the existing roof

• Adhesives losing their strength. Even in the dry season, changing temperatures and hot weather can wear down the layers of adhesive in your roof. This process of wear and tear accelerates when missing shingles leave them exposed to the environment.

How to Ensure Your Home is Safe

As a homeowner, you want to take action before the mold and mildew do. No need to panic though! There are ways to fix the problem swiftly and affordably. We do warn all homeowners that it is dangerous to balance on a roof, especially one that is exposed to possible damage.If you do not have any experience with roofing or protective equipment available, we highly recommend turning to a professional contractor like ourselves. During our inspections, we will be able to point out other problems your roof may be experiencing, and whether or not they should be fixed promptly. Fill out our online form for a free roofing estimate, or simply give us a call at (262) 662-5311. Our final insider tips can be found below.

• Avoid “quick-fixes” that cover the existing problem but do not work to solve the root of the problem. Superficial fixes generally do not last long and become more expensive in the long-term.

• Have a professional install the replacement tiles where they need to be.

• Don’t delay! We know we already mentioned it, but it is that important! The longer you wait, the greater chance you have of opening up your home to further damage.