Why Should I Remove Snow From My Roof?

Roof Snow Removal 101

The number one reason for removing snow from your roof is to prevent ice dams. Without snowfall, ice dams don’t form. When you prevent ice dams from forming, you also prevent the possibility of leaks and damage to your home in the winter. Removing snow from your roof is also a good idea to get the excess weight off of your roof. With just a food of snow your roof can be experience thousands of extra pounds, not including any potential ice dams on your roof. One cubic foot of ice weighs 57 pounds, and an ice dam can weigh thousands of pounds. With the removal of snow on your roof, you eliminate a lot of weight on your roof including the potential for future damage to your roof and/or home.

When should I remove snow from my roof?

Removing snow from your roof after every 6 inches of snow is a good standard to follow. By removing this snow, you are going to minimize risk of damage from ice building up, called ice dams. If you have never had issues with ice dams on your roof and your primary concern is the additional weight on your roof, you can remove snow every 12 inches or so. If you have experienced ice dams on your roof in the past, it would be best to clear snow every 6 inches.

How should I remove show from my roof?How to Roof Rake

Roof raking is a great way to remove most of the snow on your roof. A roof rake can reach most or all of your roof and aid in reducing future problems such as ice dams. Roof rakes can make it difficult to clear valleys and may be difficult to use if the snow is to heavy or frozen or your roof is too tall to reach with a rake. You can also shovel your roof to reach the areas that your roof rake cannot reach. Shoveling requires getting up on your roof, which can be very dangerous in the winter. Always be safe when climbing onto your roof. Never use salt on your roof when trying to remove snow or ice on your own. This can damage shingles as well as plants and grass below your roof.

What should I know about roof raking?

When purchasing a roof rake, it is important to consider the type of roof that you have. If you have a roof that is difficult to reach from the ground, you can purchase extension poles to reach higher up on your roof. While the number one place to clear snow from is your overhangs, the higher you can go on your roof, the chance of ice dams decreases. Once you have your roof rake purchased, the best technique is to start at your overhangs and work your way up. Rake off a foot or snow at a time, depending on how much snow is on your roof. It can be dangerous to pull off to much snow at one time; remember you are standing right where the snow will be falling!

Why Should I Roof RakePlease very careful when using a roof rake. Be aware of power lines and trees overhead. Roof raking is a great habit to get into during these cold winter months, but it is important to remember that this may not completely eliminate the potential for ice dams or other problems with your roof in the winter. If you have cleared the snow from your roof and are still experiencing problems, it’s best to contact your roofing professionals.

Things to take away from this article:

      • Routinely remove snow every 6 inches with roof rake to reduce problems such as ice dams.
      • Do NOT use salt on your roof.
      • Shoveling your roof can be very dangerous. Seek professional help, like us, when necessary.

Need Professional Help Removing Snow from Roof?

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