Spring Roof Maintenance in Wisconsin

spring roof cleaning

Spring is near! We feel it in the air, we hear it in the trees, but we definitely don’t want to see it affecting our roofs. Here are some quick tips this spring to keep your roof in tip-top shape!

  1. Get a FREE roof inspection.

It’s important to get your roof checked out at least once a year, and spring is a great time to get this done. This is an excellent time to get your roof ready for the warmer months ahead and inspect for any damage that may have occurred over winter from rain, snow, and ice. It’s important to check the shingles, gutters, flashing, and around any chimneys or skylights you may have. American Roofing provides FREE roofing inspections for southeastern WI.

  1. Clear your roof of debris.

Even just a small collection of leaves or sticks on your roof can result in a hefty repair. When tree limbs, mold, moss, or any other debris begins to collect, it can add extra weight resulting in detached gutters or shingles. This debris can trap moisture on your roof as well which is how moss and mildew can find a new home up on your rooftop. Check your gutters as the snow and ice begin to melt to check for any debris leftover from fall; getting these gutters cleared will help any melting snow on your roof to drain properly through your gutter system.

  1. Check your ventilation.

Your attic should properly ventilate your home and your springtime roof inspection is a great opportunity to check on your attic, too. Your house should be moving air properly through ventilation in your attic. These vents should be clear from debris as well; this can be a popular place for wasp nests, beehives, and homes to bats!

  1. Double-check your homeowner’s policy.

Not understanding everything included in your homeowner’s policy can be a costly mistake. Take the time to review your homeowner’s insurance policy before you go ahead and renew it this year. Check to see that your policy does in fact include roof damage. While following these tips will help you to ensure your roof is ready for the summer days ahead, it’s best to be prepared for situations out of your control. If you have a detached garage or a large shed on your property, you may want to check into your policy’s terms for coverage information on those structures.

  1. Review your roof’s warranty.

Many roofing companies offer a warranty on their installation. At American Roofing, we use GAF roofing products for nearly all of our installation and replacement projects. GAF is North America’s #1 roofing manufacturer and offer a Lifetime Shingle Warranty on many of their shingles and roof accessories. At American Roofing, we are a certified roofing contractor, and provide professional roof installation of GAF shingles. Don’t forget to ask us to review the warranty with you during your roof install or replacement!

At American Roofing, we provide you with professional roofing service, from installation to replacement to repair. We are here to help educate you on maintaining your roof to prevent future damage. Please give us a call to set up your FREE roof inspection today!