Mistakes to Avoid When it Comes to Your Roof

Mistakes to Avoid With Your Roof

We have all had at least one DIY fail in our years of home-ownership. The piece of art falling off the wall because you failed to locate a stud, measuring the new baseboard an inch too short, installing the hot and cold water backwards. It happens to everyone. When it comes to your roof, we don’t have the time or the money for major mistakes. We want to walk you through some of the common mistakes to avoid when it comes to your roof:

Starting a major roof repair or replacement by yourself (if you are inexperienced).

Working on your roof, no matter how large or small of a job, can be dangerous. It is common to be contacted to salvage a DIY project gone horribly wrong. This occurs when you’re looking to cut corners and pinch pennies. Without proper training and roofing knowledge, the best decision is to leave replacements and repairs up to the professionals. 

Buying your own materials

If you are trusting the professionals to install your roof, then you should also trust their knowledge in the best materials on the market to protect your home for years to come. When you attempt to purchase your own materials for a roof replacement or repair, it can lead to unwanted issues including: inadequate quantities, incorrect materials, and/or lower quality products. Generally, a roofing job includes both the materials and the labor and the contractor may have the ability to offer you more competitive pricing than the research you do on your own for materials.

Installing a product that does more damage than good over time.

There are a variety of products out on the market to help with rain diversion that can actually do more harm than good. Areas around chimneys and skylists can also cause major problems resulting in a leaky roof. When installing products to your home’s roof or when having your chimney worked on, be sure that the job is being done by qualified and trusted professionals. 

Covering old shingles or reusing old flashing instead of replacing them.

If you are doing a partial roof replacement, you must remove all old shingles before replacing them with new ones. When you fail to remove old shingles during a shingle repair, you are left with an area on your roof that has the potential to become a moisture and dirt trap. The same goes for reusing old flashing. The flashing is the metal around your chimneys, skylights, and valleys that prevent moisture from entering these vulnerable areas. Even when existing flashing seems to be in good condition, it’s important to talk with your contractor to determine what their plan is for replacing the flashing on your roof. Failure to do so can lead to damage and future replacement, which is why it is best to always remove all old roofing materials prior to installation.

Improper moisture protection.

Shingles are excellent at protecting your home from moisture, but a proper moisture protection under your shingles is very important. This is important in the colder months when our roofs face exposure to heavy snowfalls and potential ice. This leads to slow melts and a lot of slow moving snow melt on your roof during warmer winter days and springtime. This additional moisture barrier is a must especially in Wisconsin!

Incorrect fastener length and incorrect nail placement.

When your contractor is installing your roof, it’s important that they are using the proper nails for the roofing material they are using, but also placing them in appropriately to ensure a long roof life. When nails are too short, your shingles can loosen, causing them to shift or become displaced. When nails are inappropriately place, you also risk repairs in your future. Exposed nail heads to the weather elements can cause corrosion, leaving holes in your shingles. This can result in water damage or shifted and missing shingles. Proper nail placement is underneath the top layer of shingles.

Improper ventilation.

When getting a new roof or a roof replacement, you not only want top quality work and materials, but you also need to consider proper ventilation. Failure to provide a proper ventilation system for your roof can lead to moisture buildup.

Not hiring a solid contractor.

At American Roofing, we pride ourselves on being a top choice roofing contractor in southeastern Wisconsin for the last 30 years. We treat every job and every home as if it were our own. Our team is made up of Wisconsin natives, so we know what you need to keep your home protected through the unpredictable seasons.

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