Cedar Roofing in Wisconsin

American Roofing & Home Improvements has installed cedar roofing on Waukesha, Muskego, Big Bend, and Milwaukee-area homes for more than 30 years. We've been advocating this type of durable, eco-friendly roofing product even before "going green" became as big as it is today! When choosing to install a cedar roof with us, you can be certain that it will provide your home with outstanding insulation qualities. Cedar roofs can keep your home more comfortable throughout all seasons. "Tests perfomed at the University of Texas at Arlington prove that wooden roofs can keep your attic cooler by 28°F in severe summer heat. That is a saving of over 20% on your cooling system!" - Cedar Shake & Shingles Bureau, Free Insulation... Provided by Mother Nature.

Cedar Roofing, Muskego

What is a Cedar Roof?

Cedar roofing is made from sawed cedar trees. It has a very distinctive and elegant look that gives your home great exterior aesthetic. Our customers often tell us that they find their cedar roofs beautiful, stunning, and very eye-appealing (and we agree!). This type of roofing provides a unique, sophisticated look that has the bonus of being environmentally friendly. However, your cedar roof will not provide you with as many customization options such as styles and colors, especially compared to asphalt roofing. Individual distinctions from one cedar roof to another often come down to the cut of the wood rather than the color. 

The Benefits of This Roofing

Appearance and durability both rank high when you choose to provide your home with a cedar roof. They are one of the most weather and impact resistant, high-quality, and elegant roofing options. 

Roofing with High Quality Material

When you opt for a cedar roof, you can be confident that you are choosing a high-quality roof. If you are looking for a beautiful roof for your home that will withstand our Wisconsin weathers, we suggest that you strongly consider this type of roofing.

  • •  This wood is naturally resistant to decay, insect damage, and other problems associated with extreme moisture.
  • •  Their shakes are known to withstand high winds.
  • •  The wood is highly resistant to hail and impact damage.

Go Green with Your Roof!

Cedar shake roofs have the added benefit of being one of the most eco-friendly roofs on the market today. As our communities became more involved in sustainable lifestyles, these roofs gained more attention in the industry. However, they have always been a great renewable resource that comes with benefits to both homeowners and the environment. 

  • •  Biodegradable roofing material
  • •  Cuts energy usage (and costs) - Less manufacturing takes place because the shake roof is not factory-produced
  • •  Homes with cedar shake roofs are typically better insulated and require less energy for heating and cooling
  • •  Renewable  resource - Trees help reduce carbon footprints before being used for roofing materials.

We Can Help!

Not only does American Roofing provide you with high-quality roofing solutions, we also provide expertise to go along with them! For every stage of the roofing process - from research, to installation, to maintenance - we have innovative and customized solutions to help you reach your goals.