Protect Your Home with Gutter Repair

No matter how diligent you are about gutter cleaning, sometimes homes still will need repair or replacement. Tree limbs and debris can fall in and cause damage to your gutters, or they can become heavy and begin to rip off the house. Critters can also make their homes in your gutter, which can sometimes result in necessary repair and replacement. Whatever the reason, we at American Roofing & Home Improvements can provide you with quality guttering services. 

How to Know When You Need Gutter Repair?

There are several clues that you may notice that suggest that it may be time for repair:

•  Leaks and spills

•  Water pouring over the edge

•  Water pooling up in unwanted places, the worst being your basement. 

Gutter Installation, Franklin WI

Gutter Repair Services From American Roofing

No matter the repair needed, we can provide quick, high-quality, professional guttering services. Some of the most common services we provide are:

  • Patching holes
  • Fixing leaking seams and joints
  • Replacing spikes and hangers to prevent sagging
  • Replacing hardware to re-attach a gutter that has pulled away
  • Cleaning, unclogging, and clog prevention services
  • Re-positioning so they properly drain into the downspouts
  • Adjusting downspouts so water drains far from the home and foundation
  • Replacing sections of a gutter system that are missing or beyond repair