Trusted Residential Roof Repair

While some roofs wear down over time, they can often be successfully repaired without going to the expense of replacement. If the damage is isolated, our roof repair professionals can often fix the problem and keep the existing roof strong and intact. Homeowners are often relieved when we tell them that a minor repair is all that's needed, compared to the investment of a complete replacement.

When it is time to repair or replace your home's roofing system, it's best to take action quickly. Starting the re-roofing process early will save you time, energy, and unnecessary stress. Avoid the stress of finding a leak or extensive damage, and check in with American Roofing regularly to make sure your roof is still keeping your home safe. Here are a few reasons why we recommend re-roofing:

  • Prevent leaks and damage to interior ceilings and walls
  • Repair weak areas or poor installations
  • Avoid expenses of more serious, future damages

Why Do You Need a Repair?

Roofs fail for a number of reasons. Your home may need roof repair or even re-roofing due to weather damage, age, or defective materials. Poor workmanship during its original installation can also shorten the lifespan of the entire system. If a roof is maintained poorly, it can also result in the need for repair services. 

At American Roofing & Home Improvements, our expert roofing contractors perform repair for a variety of issues.

Roof Repair, Waukesha WI

Loosened Fasteners and Broken Adhesion

High winds may cause fasteners and roof adhesion to loosen over time. When roofing and insulation are not properly fastened to the roof deck, damage can occur. At American Roofing, our experience roofing contractors can repair and reattach shingles and other roofing materials. This reduces the risk of further damage during our Wisconsin weather outbursts of high winds, storms, and air pressure. This is a highly cost-effective repair option, because it prevents moisture from finding its way into your home. Allow these problems to stay can result in unnecessary future repairs, or even a need for a replacement. Fixing minor roof repair problems before they become major ones prolongs the life of your roof and save you needless expenses.

Falling Shingles

Loose or failing shingles can often be repaired rather than the roof being replaced. This is a common situation with organic shingles. Due to our Waukesha weather and moisture, shingles can sometimes lose their grip. In addition, high winds, hail, and other climate-related threats may harm the strength of shingles and cause need for repair. If you find yourself doubting the strength of your shingles, call us first. We can determine whether or not a replacement is actually needed. Sometimes, a shingle repair is all that is needed to restore the safety of your home. 


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