Rubber Roofing in Southeastern Wisconsin

Rubber Roofing - Waukesha WI

Did you know that the first rubber roof was actually installed right here in our own state of Wisconsin in 1960? Firestone Building Products first installed a RibberGard EPDM roof on a commercial building, which according to them, is still in tact today. As the popularity of rubber roofing has grown over the years, it has become a go-to choice for not only commercial properties, but residential ones too. Today, many single family and multi-family homes have turned to this type of roofing system. While some roofs do come with a roll of rubber that needs to be rolled out and installed, others come in the form of shingles with a variety of colors and textures. We offer rubber roof installation, but will also gladly repair your roof shingles too.

Why Choose Rubber Roof Repair?

Rubber is the perfect material for those looking for a high-quality, durable roof, but also want to skip the hassle of future replacement. The same concept behind polymer technology in tires is applied to rubber roofing materials. This long-lasting option is great for those who want the look of a slate roof with an affordable price tag.

  • They are extremely durable, and requires little maintenance (if any).
  • They are less likely to crack or crumble from heat, ice, snow, water, wind, and hail.
  • These roofs are fire resistant.
  • They are biodegradable, and a more eco-friendly option compared to asphalt.
  • They often last more than 30 years strong.

Rubber Roofing - A Durable and Attractive Option in Southeastern Wisconsin

American Roofing is certified to install and repair rubber flat roof systems in Southeastern Wisconsin, including nearby communities like Muskego, Big Bend, and Waukesha. Our team can provide a complimentary consultation and show examples and benefits of rubber roof shingles. We have a wealth of experience working with many unique roofing systems, and we will work with you to find what best fits you, your home, and your budget. Whether you need a simple repair or full install for your home or commercial property, we can help!