Professional Siding Contractors and Installation Services

At American Roofing, our home improvement contractors can handle all of your siding service needs. If you have every seen a home with gaps between the seams of the siding, you know how important it is to work with an experienced, quality contractor. When you call American Roofing, you can be confident that our contractors will install siding without any seams, and provide you with an aesthetic look that will keep the critters and moisture where they belong. 

Repair and Replacement

Do you have siding already, but need it repaired or pieces replaced? Don't worry! At American Roofing & Home Improvements, we have contractors that are experienced in providing siding repairs and updates that keep your house protected and looking great.

Siding Replacement, Waukesha WI

Vinyl Options

Siding contractors that use Vinyl know that is unique material to work with. It looks professional and distinct. And if you are settling into your home and wanting to put down the paintbrush once and for all, having contractors install Vinyl siding may be the route to go. Vinyl is known for its durability through most Wisconsin weather elements, including rain, wind, snow, high heats, and cold temperatures. It never needs a paint job and requires no maintenance once installed. There are even a variety of green products on the market that make vinyl a great option for both environmentally-conscious contractors and homeowners. Many developers and home-builders go straight to vinyl when building a home for its distinctive look and attractive time-saving qualities.