Your Local Wisconsin Roofing Team

Snice 1986, the American Roofing team has been the premier roofing company in the Waukesha, Muskego, and Big Bend communities. We use a variety of roofing materials, as any well-rounded roofing company should. Whether you are interested in budget-friendliness, aesthetic appeal, or longevity, American Roofing is the company that has everything you need for your roof.

We Know Wisconsin

The winters in Southeastern Wisconsin can be less than pleasant. The snow falls and temperatures rarely rise high enough to let it melt. This snow's weight and moisture content can make a poorly installed roof to begin to degrade in just months. Whether your home is in Muskego, Franklin, Waukesha, or Big Bend, your roofing contractors need you have access to weather-proof materials. They also must know how to use these materials and maximize the products' capabilities. At American Roofing, we have decades of experience working with weather-proof materials, and knowing how to get the most strength out of them for your home. 

Partner With a Results-Driven Team

Our passion is to always give our customers the results they need for their homes, on time, every time. Our contractors have the experience to create and implement roofing solutions that will get you the best results and be friendly to your budget. For us, satisfied customers are the true hallmark of our company's success.

The Contractors You Can Trust

American Roofing has grown as a full-service company since its creation over 30 years ago. With three decades of installation, roof repair, and maintenance experience in Waukesha, you can count on our team. The owners Jordan Manning & Drew Lebeau lead and work alongside the crew. Our team of roofing contractors have experience working in all conditions, and know the best processes for installation and repair. You will not be able to find another roofing company with our unique mix of local experience, skilled professionals, and high quality customer care. Our contractors have both the training and certifications to make you feel confident in our work. Our professionals have the experience and friendliness to make you feel comfortable with your investment. We will make the process simple for you. Call (262) 662-5311 to work with our Wisconsin-based team of roofing contractors today!